The media pages display a download link and a small embedded music player for each track of an audio recording. If you are having some issues with the media pages see the list of common questions below:

How Can I Listen to a Track?
Click on the play button next to the name of the track you want to play. If you do not have a play button, click the download button (green down-arrow). The download button is useful to listen to a track if you are using a browser that does not have flash support (cell phones).

How Can I Download a Track?
Many web browsers automatically play a music file when clicking a download link, to force your browser to download the file instead, right-click on the download button and choose /"Save Target As/".

Why Is Only Part of the Service Available?
In order to save space, and offer a larger number of sermons and programs at a time, some tracks are not available online. Full services are available at the recording room in the Apostolic Christian Church Nazarean in Windsor.

Why Does The 'Zions Harp Mobile Pages' Look Rough and Plain?
The mobile Zion's Harp was designed for use on cell phones or other mobile devices that may be handy if your Zion's Harp is out of reach. The pages are optimized for fast loading and small screens. As a result, the page quality is low.

I Can Not Use The Menu From My Touch-Screen Device
If you use a touch-screen and can not open the drop-down menus, there is a list-style menu that you can access from the menu-bar. Simply click /"List Menu/" at the top of the screen to view this list menu.

I Can Not Download or Listen to any of the Media
The website should allow downloading or listening to of any of the media listed on the website. If it does not, we recommend trying to use Google Chrome, which is available here.